Jessica Hann-Perfection Kennel

Gallatin, Missouri

Before bird dogs my first career was training all around horses and reining horses for a living and while life has a way of changing things, i have been wanting to get another prospect to train. For the past few years, John and I have been looking at the Froelich horses and watching their breeding program as it developed. Their program combines modern new blood with old foundation lines, and gives amazing results We finally decided it was time to get a young reining prospect and we purchased a filly from their annual sale. I have always loved the Gallo de Cielo breeding and wanted something from this line. Our filly arrived from North Dakota via the very professional shippers they use and I was instantly amazed at how gentle and quiet this filly was. I have since started working with her daily, and she has the most incredible temperament and mind that I have ever handled. Her trainability is amazing and they do an excellent job of handling these Colts just enough, but not overdoing it. She is a true testament to their fine breeding program, and I would not hesitate to go back and get another horse from them. She was everything they said, and more. Thank you Lance and Sunny

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Jacqueline Hunt

Monroe Washington

Froelich Quarter Horses. So good you can’t just have one! They get along with everybody!

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Hillary Nelson

Waterville, Washington

I got my first Froelich filly in the spring of 2015. I liked her so much that I got a yearling filly from them in the spring of 2016. Brains, beauty, athleticism and quiet dispositions--they're the total package. Love my Froelich girls!

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Kent Frecker, Dillon MT

Frecker Saddelry

We have really enjoyed the horses we have from Froelich ranch. I got my first three horses 4 or 5 years ago. We went out to their ranch to pick them out. Wow, what a great operation they have. Their breeding program is excellent. The colts I picked out were awesome, very good minded, paid attention to me, and learned quickly. They were very gentle, and it wasn't long before I was swinging a rope off them, and taking them branding.I liked them so much Lance has brought two more out to me since then. I highly recommend the Froelich Horses. You cant find nicer, and more honest people to work with than Lance and Sunshine Froelich.

Shane and Brittany Stevenson Portland

North Dakota

We approached Froelich Quarter Horses because we were looking for two year old prospects to ride and later sell. Froelich Quarter Horses helped us by providing a large selection of horses. The result was two big roan geldings with great conformation and pretty heads. One thing we liked was their great hospitality. Lance and Sunshine took the time to help us find the perfect horses. We found the experience relaxing and fun. We would recommend Froelich Quarter Horses to people who need to find that perfect horse.

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Rowdy Alexander

Kirby MT

I bought my first Froelich horse in 2010 the gelding is now my top horse and will be handed down to my daughter. I now own 5 Froelich horses and they are all kind gentle horses that are ranched on. These horses have the bone and confirmation to cover the country we have in Easter Montana, but also have the right disposition so the whole family can enjoy them.

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Joel Conner

Vancouver WA

Lance and Sunshine are doing a wonderful job raising big boned, flashy colored, and most importantly GENTLE horses. I had a few clients send me Froelich horses to start over the past few years and liked them enough to want one of my own! I'm am really proud of the two year old Bay Roan gelding we bought. He will be big enough to rope a cow and gentle enough to take care of my little boy one day!

Betty Staley

Sheridan MT

Lance and Sunshine have been personal friends of mine for a number of years. Over these years I have been impressed by the consistency of their horses, especially the quiet and willing minds of the Froelich horses. Buyers may be drawn to the beauty, but its the mind that counts.

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Steve and Sheri Green

Summerville, NC

Sheri and I purchased our first Froelich horse in 2011. We were so impressed that we traveled 1700 miles to meet and check out Lance and Sunshines's ranch and horses. We have purchased 3 more horses since. These horses are foundation bred, having the want to learn, quiet, dependable, and are great trail horses. They are also good to look at. What great quality horses we have. Lance and Sunny are good down to earth honest people. What I would say is they are just "good people"! Each visit their hospitality has always been top notch. Sheri and I cannot say enough about our experience with Lance and Sunny.

Lance & Sunshine Froelich Quarter Horses

Barb Gerbitz

Gerbitz Quarter Horses Tampico, IL

I have been starting horses for myself and for the public for twenty years. In that time, I have worked with many breeds and bloodlines and have experienced a full range of temperaments. I have worked with Froelich raised quarter horses the past 9 years, from weanlings to maturity. What I have found is that their horses consistently display an impressive aptitude for learning, excellent temperaments, solid conformation, beautiful color, athleticism, eye catching movement and overall eye appeal. These horses are a pleasure to be around. They have a lot of feel and they have a natural steadiness about them, which has made them very dependable in a working situation. We visited the ranch and purchased a couple horses for our prospect program. I am pleased to say that, we like them so well that they won’t be for sale anytime soon. Thank you for raising such nice horses Lance and Sunshine!


Bonnie Stoehn

Santa Cruz, CA

North Dakota is a long way from California. But not too far to go for solid horses with gentle natures, willing attitudes and that most prized attribute, “a good mind”. Wow, what a difference it makes!
Youngsters raised outside in the open know how to handle themselves in a herd and over varying terrain.
I couldn’t be happier with the horses I’ve bought from Lance for myself, clients and friends.
Plus Lance and Sunshine are the best! Without hesitation, in fact with great enthusiasm, I recommend.


pierre olivier paquelier

San Jose, CA

The first horse I saw from Froelich Quarter Horses was "Big Swede" owned by Buck Brannaman, a nice big horse with a really good mind of course it was ridden by Buck. A year later I met Sunshine and Lance during a colt class in California. We rode together and they were the nicest people. A friend of mine who is looking to purchase a colt looked all over the place and decided to get one from Froelich...a 2 year old filly. After starting the Filly, a few months later she came to our house to go on a trail ride with us and have the support of one of our older horses. She was a cute roan and was acting like seasoned trail horse. That night I sent some pictures of the filly on the trail to Lance and joked about getting myself one for myself. Of course, he took it seriously and sent me a picture of a blue roan that I couldn't say no to. A few months later I drove to Dallas Forth worth to pick up 3 horses 2 for me and a second filly for my friend. Sunshine and Lance are doing an incredible job producing some affordable solid-minded and very attractive horses. They are trustworthy people, which is a rare thing in the horse world. On one hand I wish they live closer, but on the other hand... I would probably buy a horse every year. I'm a verified purchaser. 


Debbie Landrie

Ellensburg Washington

I have purchased a few horses from Lance and Sunny.
Their horses have good minds and are well put together. My vet comments on how well they are put together each time he sees them (good bone and feet).
On top of that, they are pretty (or handsome) to look at. I get compliments on them every place we go. It’s hard to find looks and a good mind – but that seems to come with each of their horses.
These horses just seem to want to please you. Each day they look you up once you get in the pasture.
I’m excited to see how my newest addition starts this next spring.